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Commitment to Small Business Program

WSP USA: Committed to Our Small Business Program

WSP USA is committed to our U.S. Small Business Program. Through our Small Business Program we champion the use of a diverse array of small business concerns from many socioeconomic backgrounds, including the use of disadvantaged businesses, minority businesses, women owned businesses, veteran and service disabled veteran owned businesses, and historically underutilized businesses.  Our commitment to providing opportunities to these businesses stems, not only from our desire to meet or exceed federal, state, or local small business goals, but from a deep-rooted belief that the use of such businesses further our guiding principles of fostering collaboration in everything we do and having an empowering culture in which we hold ourselves accountable.

How We Show Our Commitment

Our Supplier Registration webpage sets forth the components of our Small Business Program and evidences our strong commitment to diversity. We strive to increase our use of small business concerns through outreach efforts and by training and encouraging our personnel to use small business concerns to the maximum extent practicable. Additionally, our organization stays involved with the small business community by participating in mentor/protégé programs, attending small business events and conferences, and offering resources to small business concerns. Moreover, all of the above efforts are overseen and monitored by our appointed Small Business Liaison Officer. 

The Benefits of Our Small Business Commitment

Commitment to the WSP USA Small Business Program benefits our organization, clients, and shareholders, because the increased use of small businesses enhances our project teams and enriches the communities in which we work and live. In sum, commitment to the WSP USA Small Business Program furthers our mission of providing services to transform the built environment and restore the natural environment. 

Signature: Lewis P. Cornell, President and CEO, U.S.

Lewis P. Cornell
President & CEO, U.S.