U.S. Suppliers

Supplier Registration

WSP USA maintains a strict policy of only working with businesses who achieve and maintain approved status in our Supplier Registration system. To achieve approved status, you must complete and submit an application.


If new registrants start the process with all the necessary information, the application takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. You may start an application, save it, and resume the process later. To ensure that your business meets our minimum standards, all submitted applications are reviewed by our U.S. Compliance and Ethics Team. Applications submitted during normal business hours are generally reviewed within 48 hours.

Maintaining Approved Status

You are responsible for the accuracy and currency of the information in your application. However, once approved, your approved status remains good for up to one year after the approval date. Thereafter, you must annually resubmit your application after updating the information therein. Our system will send you an automatic reminder to update your application 30 days before it expires. Failure to annually update your application will result in your approval expiring, which could jeopardize your ability to receive future work from us.

Advantages of Becoming Approved

Once approved, your business information appears as approved in the database that our project teams use to  identify suppliers for future opportunities. While approval in our Supplier Registration system is not a guarantee of future work, it increases your chances of being identified for potential opportunities.

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